Talend Application Integration Solutions

Meet Business Demands Faster with Comprehensive API's and Application Integration

Talend Application Integration

Empower Your Team To Do Their Best Work

Talend unifies API and application integration, data integration, and data quality, so your team can focus on delivering better, faster projects at a lower cost, instead of running down data. Easily implement point-to-point SaaS integrations, scalable modular APIs, data as a service, pub/sub messaging, and ESB use cases as part of your event-driven architecture.

Talend Empower Your Team
Build Services and Applications Faster

Build Services And Applications Faster

Talend’s simple visual tools and wizards cover the complete development lifecycle, from design, testing, and documentation to implementation and deployment. Because Talend Application Integration eliminates the need for multiple tools or manual code, you can build higher-quality APIs up to 80% faster.

Simplify Even The Most Complex Integrations

Spend your time on new projects instead of maintenance. Talend streamlines complex JSON, AVRO, XML, and B2B integrations using advanced data mapping transformation tools, and supports industry standards such as HL7 and EDI. And Talend’s built-in visual data mapper lets you easily manipulate complex data formats.

Talend Simplify the most complex Integrations

Embed Data Quality At Every Step

Create reliable data services that you can share internally and with partners. With Talend’s built-in data quality services, you can design microservices that embed enterprise data quality components to validate, clean, standardise, and mask data in any format or size.