Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer

Design Your Data Integration Projects With Intuitive, Cloud-Based Functionality

Get Better Data With Less Effort

Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer is a web-based self-service application that takes raw data and makes it analytics-ready. Compose reusable pipelines to extract, improve, and transform data from almost any source, then pass it to your choice of data warehouse destinations, where it can serve as the basis for the dashboards that power your business insights.

Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer
Build and deploy data pipelines in less time

Build Faster, Build Smarter

Build and deploy data pipelines in less time. Design and preview, in batch or streaming, directly in your web browser with an easy, visual UI. Scale with native support for the latest hybrid and multicloud technologies, and improve productivity with real-time development and debugging.

Get Instant Insight

Live preview lets you instantly and visually diagnose issues with your data. Make better decisions faster with dataset documentation, quality proofing, and promotion. Transform data and improve data quality with built-in functions applied across batch or streaming pipelines, turning data health into an effortless, automated discipline.

Transform Data and improve Data Quality with in-built functions
Take Control of your Data Integration

Take Control Of Your Data Integration

Pipeline Designer lets users design and deploy pipelines without IT. If you need assistance, Pipeline Designer provides in-product chat with Talend’s support team. Run pipelines natively wherever your data resides with support for hundreds of filesystems, business apps, databases, data warehouses, and messaging services

Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Webinar

This webinar provides an overview and demo of Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, a next generation data integration design environment.