What is Talend Data Integration

It is the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified view. Integration begins with the ingestion process, and includes steps such as cleansing, ETL mapping, and transformation.

Talend offers robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture to maximise its value to your business.  It provides the unified tools to integrate, cleanse, mask and profile all of your data, enabling you to turn your data into actionable business intelligence.

There is no single approach to data integration, however solutions typically involve a few common elements, including a network of data sources, a master server, and clients accessing data from the master server.

Talend Data Integration Features


Efficient Use of Resources

Save time and resources on data analysis and reduce the need for manual gathering and hand coding of data

Improved decision making and budget planning

Accelerate your business insight with trusted real-time data and enjoy a predictable cost model that simplifies budget planning.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Improve team collaboration throughout the development lifecycle, with a shared repository, versioning and continuous delivery.