Talend Data Inventory

Moving from Data Chaos to Data Clarity

Data Inventory is the latest cloud native application within Talend Data Fabric.  With data coming from so many sources, it has now become even harder for data professionals to transform the growing data chaos into valuable and reusable data assets. 

It accelerates data-to-value with automated and searchable dataset documentation, quality proofing and promotion.  It captures data silos across data sources, targets them, and then turns them into reusable, shareable data assets with a single point of governance and access.  

Datasets are augmented with an automatically calculated Trust Score that delivers an instant assessment of your data health and accuracy, based on data quality, data popularity and user-defined ratings.  This means that not only does Data Inventory accelerate access to data but also allows you to assess its relevance and trustworthiness at first sight.

Get to the heart of your data with powerful search and make your data actionable with Pipeline Designer and Data Preparation.  Inventory, curate, prepare, consume, and share data, all from a single source of trust.


Get an Instant Picture of your Data Health

Get instant insight into the trustworthiness of any data and turn data quality and curation into an automated discipline.

Save time on Data Search

Cut the time that it takes to find and consume the data you need. 

Inproves Efficiency

Unlock data silos and enable collaboration and reuse, so that data professionals don’t need to repeatedly build the same datasets.