Talend Data Inventory

Moving from Data Chaos to Data Clarity

Trust Your Data At First Sight

Data Inventory is a lightweight solution geared for data proofing within Talend Cloud. With simple tools for data and metadata management, your data consumers, data scientists, and data stewards can easily find and improve the data they need in a shared, collaborative workspace.


Get An Instant Picture Of Your Data Health

Talend Data Inventory gives instant insight into the trustworthiness of any data and turns data quality and curation into a systematic, automated discipline. Have total confidence in your decision-making, thanks to Talend’s at-a-glance Trust Score, which helps you identify and diagnose any issues with your data. 

Establish A Single, Shared Source Of Trust

Talend Data Inventory pinpoints data silos across data sources and breaks through with reusable and shareable data assets. Make your data actionable with a shared inventory between Talend Pipeline Designer and Data Preparation, and keep internal processes clean with easy dataset documentation. 


Quickly Get To The Heart Of Your Data

Talend Data Inventory makes it easy to find and understand your data with powerful, multifaceted search and dataset provenance and overview. Inventory, curate, prepare, consume, and share data — all from a single, centralized source of trust. 

Turning Data Chaos Into Data Clarity

In this session learn how Talend Data Inventory accelerates data-to-value with easy dataset documentation, quality proofing and promotion. Talend Data Inventory pinpoints data silos across your enterprise and targets to achieve reusable and shareable data assets to create a single point of trust.