Talend Data Preparation & Self Service

Use Your Data, Instead of Cleaning It

Data preparation is a self-service application, that enables information workers to cut hours out of their work day by simplifying and expediting the laborious and time-consuming process of preparing data for analysis or other data-driven tasks.

Talend Data Preparation provides a self-service, browser-based, point-and-click tool to quickly identify errors and apply rules that you can easily reuse and share, even across massive data sets.

Data Preparation and Self Service


Empower Decision Makers

Governed self-service including role-based access, masking rules, and workflow-based data curation, empowers decision makers without putting data at risk or undermining compliance.

More Efficient Use of Resources

Spend less time cleaning data and more time analysing data.

Fix Errors Quickly

Data Preparation helps catch errors before processing.  After data has been removed from its original source, these errors become more difficult to understand and correct.