Talend Data Quality

Improve The Accuracy And Integrity Of Your Data

Truly Trust Your Data

As an integral part of Talend Data Fabric, Data Quality profiles, cleans, and masks data in real time. Machine learning powers recommendations for addressing data quality issues as data flows through your systems. The convenient self-service interface is as intuitive for business users as technical users, fostering company-wide collaboration. 


Automate Better Data

Data profiling lets you quickly identify data quality issues, discover hidden patterns, and spot anomalies through summary statistics and graphical representations. Our built-in Talend Trust Score gives you an immediate, explainable, actionable assessment of confidence, so you know what’s safe to share and which datasets require additional data cleansing. 

Free Up Data Workers To Focus On What Matters

Talend automatically cleanses incoming data with machine learning-enabled deduplication, validation, and standardization, and it can enrich data by joining it with details from external sources such as postal validation codes or business identification. Meanwhile, your business and data analysts are free to focus on more meaningful tasks. 


Protect Your Assets And Prioritise Compliance

Because no one can afford a security breach, Talend lets you selectively share data to trusted users on-premises or in the cloud without exposing personally identifiable information (PII) to unauthorized individuals. Data Quality protects sensitive data with built-in masking, ensuring compliance with internal and external data privacy and data protection regulations. 

Talend Data Quality Webinar

This Webinar will provide an overview and demo of all aspects of Data Quality – Data Classification, Data Stewardship and Data Preparation..