Power To The Builders, Insights For Everyone

The Sisense Analytics platform slashes the time it takes to build, embed and deploy actionable analytics apps that drive engagement, empower users and facilitate deeper insights easily.  Sisense delivers the industry’s lowest TCO at scale, enabling ad-hoc analysis, pre-built dashboards, or embedded white-labelled analytics apps, all on a hybrid cloud platform designed to leverage all your data together, no matter where it is.

Sisense offers unparalleled agility with three distinct packages tailored to the unique challenges of the teams chartered with driving digital transformation  – Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Sisense for Business Teams, and Sisense for Product Teams.

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams empowers data teams to quickly connect to cloud data sources, then explore and analyse data in a matter of minutes.  Extend cloud investments with the Sisense analytics platform to build, embed and deploy analytics at scale.


Sisense for Business Teams

Deliver AI-powered self-service BI and build actionable analytic apps with all your data.


Sisense for Product Teams

An open and API-first platform that lets you avoid long implementation times and build custom analytic apps for product differentiation and new revenue streams – in any product, any device.



Easy to Use

Very intuitive and a minimal learning curve, even for non-technical users.

Improved decision making

Sisense’s flexibility allows you to join all your present and future data, and quickly transform it into information and insights.

Unlimited Customisation Options

Unlimited customisation options using Java Script, allow you to modify and enhance existing functionality.